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Why you need a Legal Advisor for Business Visa in UAE

Business visa in UAE

Business Visa

A person who owns a business can apply for Business Visa. This is a long-term Visa offered by UAE for businessperson and their dependents. It benefits the family of the businessmen as well as the economy of the UAE.

Are you eligible for it?

Any person who has ever owned a business and wishes to set it in UAE can apply for Business Visa. All you need is professional experience in entrepreneurship to be eligible. Following are the eligibility criteria for a Business Visa:

  • Experience as an entrepreneur
  • The major shareholder of a start-up
  • Willingness to move to UAE to start a business there
  • Business-plan
  • Background check and health assessment by Federal Authority

Steps to apply for Business Visa

Applying for a Business Visa is a complicated process that can be done by a legal advisor on your behalf. Dar-Al-Haqooq Legal Consultancy LLC is one of the top-rated firms of Sharjah which provides this service. Here is the step-by-step procedure of applying for a Business Visa

  • ¬†File nomination through incubator supported by UAE government. In case the nomination is rejected, you can apply again after 90 days have passed.
  • ¬†After approval for nomination apply for Visa. This is done through Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship.
  • Next, you will need to upload your documents on the given link.|
  • You will then receive a temporary Visa for 6 months to enter and explore UAE.
  • You need to establish your business and settle thereby converting the visa into a residency permit.

You can also nominate three senior business members to take residency permits. Apart from this, your dependent family members will also be permitted to stay with you.

Why do you need a Legal Advisor for Business Visa in UAE?

Applying for a Business Visa is a lengthy and complicated process. If you are a businessman you must be usually busy with corporate activities. There will not be enough time to go through this entire process alone. Therefore you need a Legal Advisor for Business Visa in UAE.

A legal Advisor knows this entire process and can help you obtain a visa without any hard work. They know all the offices and websites where applications are filed. This will help you to get a business visa without any stress.

They will advise you regarding all the documents and signatures that are required. All you need to do is sit back and relax once you hire an excellent lawyer or law firm in UAE. A good legal advisor will help you even after you receive your Visa.

Getting a Business Visa is not difficult. It is the steps that you need to take after a business Visa is granted that are more important. That is why you need a Legal Advisor for Business Visa in UAE. A good legal advisor will help you in setting up your business after you receive the Visa.

Consult Dar Al Haqooq

You can get different forms of legal services from Dar-Al-Haqooq Legal Consultancy LLC. Our team gives the best advice to businessmen and taxpayers. We also specialize in drafting specific contracts for your personal needs. Hire Dar-Al-Haqooq Legal Consultancy LLC and end your quest for Excellent Lawyers and Law Firms in UAE.

We have been constantly involved in setting up a new business, registering Patents and Trademarks, managing and giving advice on corporate transactions, settlement of employment disputes, etc. You can contact us for getting a Business Visa and helping you set up the entire business. Lawyers of Dar Al Haqooq also give advice on legal matters such as real estate, banking, commercial, corporate, finance, family, etc.

Contact Dar-Al-Haqooq Legal Consultancy LLC to discuss your issues today.

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