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Guidelines to Hire a Family Law Attorney

Family Law Attorney

In UAE, Family Law covers a lot of areas such as marriage, divorce, adoption, child custody, inheritance, etc. There are a lot of people practicing as Family Law Attorney; therefore it becomes confusing when it comes to choosing one for you. Here is a brief guide of things that you should consider before hiring a Family Law Attorney.

1. Knowledge

While hiring a Family Law Attorney, the most important consideration should be his knowledge regarding your issues. A good Family Attorney must be well versed with Family Law, Procedural Law and must hold an objective opinion regarding your problems.

You must ask relevant questions related to your problems so that you get an idea of what to expect and what the entire process will look like. This will help you in getting the assurance that you will get fair treatment and nobody will take advantage of your situation.

2. Recommendations and Reviews

If a friend or family member has recommended the name of an Attorney, be sure to ask for reviews about them as well. You can also check the reviews online through social media platforms. The positive reviews will help in shortlisting one Attorney amongst the many.

If you come across the profile of an Attorney with a lot of negative reviews, it is best to leave them. In case you do not have any experience in hiring a legal professional, the reviews and recommendations will help you a lot.

3. Experience

One of the most important factors to consider before hiring a legal professional is their experience. When you are looking for a Family Law Attorney, before you look at the success rate, make sure to check the experience as well. The experience of the Attorney becomes especially important in matters of Family Law and Criminal Law because of the personal nature of the cases.

As mentioned earlier, Family Law is an umbrella term that encompasses a lot of areas such as adoption, child custody, etc. Therefore, make sure that your Attorney has experience in the specific area you are looking for.

4. Fees and Billing Methods

Attorneys have different billing methods, for instance, they may have a fixed price for different services that they offer or they might charge hourly fees. Before finalizing any Attorney, you should make sure whether the services they provide are within your budget or not.

You must also know whether you need to pay any other charge apart from service fees such as filing fees, etc. This will help you in getting a perspective on how expensive the service is going to be.

5. Character

Once you have hired a Family Law Attorney, you must provide all the details of the case in hand. Thus it is important to choose an attorney with good character that will look at your problems objectively and give you impartial advice.
It is easier to share your problems with a person of good character. Therefore make sure that your Attorney has not been guilty of professional misconduct.

Now that you have a basic knowledge of how to hire a Family Law Attorney, you are ready to hire one. Just remember all the points mentioned above and soon you will have an Attorney that will help you win your case.

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