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Labour & Employment Cases


Guidance & Assistance

We at Dar Al Haqooq provides guidance and assistance on legal, tax and regulatory issues in connection with workforce management.

Having witnessed the progress of new age trades and radical shifts in work culture and personnel management techniques, we have acquired expertise in addressing the challenges faced by organisations in complying with applicable laws.

We help your Paper Works

If you need assistance with acquisition, outsourcing, expansion or reduction in work force, native or international employee relations, local or cross-border communal lawsuit, risk management, we have the expertise & we can help.

We adopt business & practical focused approach while advising the clients so, the human resources & talent retention strategy is implemented in an effective manner with compliance to the laws & ethics of the organization.

We assist the clients in drafting & reviewing the employment papers including offer letters & agreements, confidentiality agreements, bonds, severance & release agreements.

Dar Al Haqooq specializes in drafting a tailored Employee Guidebooks to meet & suit the requirement of the clients.

We provide guidance to our clients on HR Laws applications, the obligations & compliance and the consequences of non-compliance, hours of work & more.

Our expert team of lawyers & attorneys provide legal & tax advice to senior level employees for negotiating the compensation structure.

We advise our clients regarding the employment termination, dissolution & reduction of the work force according to the labour & employment laws. We understand that the interest of the employer should be secured and for this we ensure certain clauses are adequately drafted.

We have represented number of client in employment lawsuit cases & we provide advice our clients on the lawsuit strategy, drafting & issuance & responses to legal notices.

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