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Factors to consider when Hiring Professional Lawyer in UAE

Professional Lawyer

Legal help is something that is required by almost everyone at least once in their life. Whether it is related to your personal issues or you need legal advice for your company, you require a lawyer. There are many excellent Lawyers and law firms in UAE; therefore it becomes a little confusing to choose one.

The power of the right legal advice should be the motivating factor behind hiring a top-rated law firm. You and your problems are unique hence you should consider a lawyer that can specifically deal with your matters. These are the factors to consider when hiring a Professional Lawyer in UAE:

Experience matters

One of the factors to consider when hiring a Professional Lawyer in the UAE is the experience of the lawyer. If you need a legal advisor for your company, make sure to hire a person experienced in business matters. Apart from legal advice, there are many other services that you can get from a business law firm in Sharjah.

Similarly, before you hire a family law attorney, make sure to check their relevant experience. For example, if you need a divorce lawyer, there is no point in hiring a person that is only familiar with custody matters. Make sure that the lawyer you have hired has experience in the courts of UAE as well.

Licensed Practitioner

Another factor to consider when hiring a Professional Lawyer in UAE is their license. There is a difference between a legal advisor and a professional lawyer. A lawyer must have the necessary licenses before they start their practice. Legal advisors on the other hand do not require any license.

Before you hire a professional lawyer, check whether the Legal Affairs Department of the Government of Dubai has issued a license. All Lawyers and Law Firms of UAE must have a license of the Ruler’s Court before they start functioning.

Legal Fees and Knowledge

One of the most important factors to consider when hiring a Professional Lawyer in the UAE is their knowledge of the law. This point cannot be stressed enough. A good lawyer and law firm must have sound knowledge of the laws of the land.

It is true that knowledge increases with experience and age, but every lawyer must have some basic knowledge of laws. Before you hire any lawyer for your case, enquire them about the steps that will be involved in your case. The same goes for the fees that you will be charged.

You must be aware of the rates of the lawyer beforehand. Some lawyers take fees on the basis of hours that they have spent working on the case. While on the other hand, some will charge a lump sum amount.

Whatever be the case, it is true that good legal advice is costly. But this should not stop you from hiring a good and professional lawyer that is charging a high fee.

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